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Noptin allows you to create different types of Email Opt-in forms which you then use to collect your email subscribers.

These include:-

Embedded Forms – These forms are embedded inside your post content.

Popup forms – These are displayed in a popup lightbox and have a very high conversion rate. Most website visitors, however, find them to be annoying.

Widget Forms – These forms can be added to any widget area that your theme supports and will adapt to fit in the widget’s space.

You can use the Opt-in forms editor to create your opt-in forms. This editor allows you to change every aspect of your form including setting on what pages the form should not be displayed.

You can also view specific stats about forms created using the Opt-in forms editor by clicking on Noptin > Email Forms.

Here, you can see the number of times a given form was shown, how many people subscribed using the form and each form’s conversion rate.

You can also click on the Impressions or Subscriptions columns to order your forms by their impressions or subscriptions count. This is a good way to check which forms are performing well and which ones need to be optimized.

Finally, you can click on any number in the subscriptions column to see which people subscribed using the respective opt-in forms.

If you do not wish to use the Opt-in Forms editor, you can use the Newsletter Opt-in block or the Noptin New Form widget to add an email subscription form to your website.

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