Displaying opt-in forms in a widget

Noptin makes it very easy to add a newsletter subscription widget to your WordPress blog.

There are two way to do this:-

  1. Create a simple opt-in form on the fly.
  2. Add a premade opt-in form.

Creating an Email Opt-in Form On The Fly

This is, by far, the easiest way to add a newsletter subscription widget to your WordPress website.

To do this:-

  1. Click on Appearance > Widgets to open the widgets overview page.
  2. Locate the Noptin New Form widget and drag it to a widget area of your choice. creating a newsletter subscription widget
  3. Fill in through the design fields then save you changes.

That’s all.

Next, we’ll talk about the more advanced way.

Add a Premade Form To A Widget Area

This step involves first creating an opt-in form using the Forms Editor before adding it to a widget area.

Unlike the previous method, the editor allows you to add extra input fields to your opt-in forms.

You can add display options to the form. This enables you to hide the form on some pages or from existing subscribers.

To do this:-

  1. First, create your opt-in form using the editor.
  2. Open the widgets overview page and add the Noptin Premade Form widget.
  3. Finally, select the opt-in form that you want to add to the widget area.

Your visitors will now see the opt-in form when they visit your website’s front page. This form will also respect all your display options.

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