Updates for all Noptin addons and themes are handled through the Noptin Updates plugin.

How to Install the Noptin Updates Plugin How to Install the Noptin Updates Plugin

First, download the Noptin Updates plugin then click on Plugins > Add New in your WordPress admin dashboard to open the plugin installation screen.

add new plugin link

Next, click on the Upload Plugin button and select the noptin-updates.zip file that you downloaded in the first step…

wordpress upload plugin

… then click on the install Now button to install the plugin.

wordpress install uploaded plugin

Finally, wait for WordPress to install the plugin then activate it.

As long as the Noptin Updates plugin is active, you will receive a notification every time an installed addon has an update. However, you can not install the update unless you have activated the addon’s license on your website.

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How to Activate an Addon’s License How to Activate an Addon’s License

We provide you with a license for any addons you purchase on the website.

You can see a specific product’s license key in the order received email…

… or by clicking on the order in your account’s page.

To activate the license:-

First, Log in to your WordPress admin dashboard then click on Dashboard > Noptin Updates to open the license management screen.

noptin updates menu link

Next, Locate the product who’s license you would like to activate…

licenses overview screen

… then click on the activate license button to open the license entry popup.

noptin updates activate license button

Finally, copy and paste your license into the text box then click on the activate button.

noptin updates enter license key

As long as you have installed the addon on your website, you will be able to update it the same way you update normal WordPress plugins.

Click on the update now link to update the addon. You can also click on the view version x.x.x details link to check out the changelog.

Note: You can only update noptin addons that you have an active license for.

You can deactivate the license at any time, for example, when your license expires and you purchase a different license.

To do this, open the Noptin Updates page then click on the Deactivate license button next to the addon.

Finally, confirm that you want to deactivate the license.

Please note that you can not update an addon unless you have activated its license on your website.


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